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Southeast Asia


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August 15, 2012

Philippine Flood Relief

AKSM and Amurt has distributed relief goods to flood-stricken areas in Manila and Bataan.  We encourage donations to the Philippine Red Cross.

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Video about Baan Unrak Children's home in Thailand, which is under the Neo-Humanist Foundation, which we are a part of.

Tribes are also an important part of humanity.  We can learn from them as much as they can learn from us.

Six Project Focus Areas

We primarily work with indigenous people of Southeast Asia on specific areas:

Health and Sanitation

Our first major project focused on creating toilets for the hill tribes of Chiang Mai, Thailand. In 2008, we were able to create 25 toilets in the villages of Kum Poy, Pung Noi Kaw, Mae Sapok, and Phamon by raising USD 3,750 from donors in Malaysia.


We promote livelihood projects by tribes such as handicrafts production, organic farming, and  sustainable harvesting of natural resources.  CFTI runs a three hectare organic rice farm in Thailand which produces 70 sacks of rice per harvest.  50% goes to the workers and the rest are distributed to poor families.  CFTI also seeks to protect tribal ancestral land, specifically those of the Aeta tribes in the  Philippines, from illegal acquisition by developers.


Many tribes rely on their natural environment for their besic needs such as food and raw materials.  CFTI is active in protecting forests in Chiang Mai in Thailand and in Rizal Province in the Philippines.  Tree-planting is done in watershed areas in both Northern Thailand and Philippines, while educational campaigns are done yearly in Singapore and Malaysia.


With the help of the Neo- Humanist Foundation of Thailand, we started a school in Mae Wang district  58 km south-west of Chiang Mai in 2008.  We employed a full-time teacher for 15 students at 6,000 Baht/month. We also closely assist two other schools of the Foundation in Sangklaburi.


Preservation of cultural identity and protection from destructive influences are some of the most important tasks of CFTI.  We are especially active in the Philippines in promoting tribal culture through the annual cultural celebration called “Sunrise Festival” held by our sister organization AKSM throughout the country. We believe that a people's culture is the true source of its strength.


We work closely with our sister organization AMURT to bring disaster relief to tribal areas which are hit by typhoons, tsunamis, and landslides.  CFTI was able to provide assistance to the victims of typhoon Ketsena in the Philippines and Central Vietnam in 2009 and has gained valuable experience in post disaster rehabilitation in Aceh, Indonesia.  Distribution of food, toys, and other material goods are also undertaken by CFTI.